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Subhakar (Stan) Rao Surapaneni - The Global Marketing Leader In The Making

Academic Record:

Subhakar Rao excelled in studies since early on and received numerous prestigious awards. He received a gold medal as topper of the school at St. Johns High School, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and then graduated from the Loyola College, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh topping the College.

Mr. Subhakar (Stan) Rao then pursued computer science and graduated from BITS, Pilani one of the top 3 research led universities of India. He was the only student from the institute to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, 6 months ahead of the rest of the class, and earned an opportunity to study in the US through a Practicum program. He received his Master’s Degree from Wayne State University, USA and since then has been honored with certificates from various business and marketing schools.

Start-up Story:

The Making of a Champion

Since 1993, while pursuing his Masters Degree, Mr. Subhakar (Stan) Rao developed a deep interest in entrepreneurship and began his journey into technology at the young age of 23. With continued determination, he took on challenges proficiently and founded the "Champions Group". In a short period he has built his organization from 5 champions to more than 1500 champions. With an open minded attitude, Mr. Rao is a champion of zest who accepts both success and failure with professional grace.

SMEI (Sales and Marketing Executives International)

The Think Tank..

Mr. Subhakar Rao is the chairman of the SMEI (Sales and Marketing Executives International) – India, popularly known as ‘The Think Tank’. The organization develops a better accountable sales & marketing force, deal creation and enhanced job design. SMEI focuses on aspects of global capital markets, regional and demographic studies, human capital and job creation. It provides information and guidance on access of capital, scholarly property studies and improved understanding of economic matters. SMEI has conducted a number of major conferences and seminars and has published over hundreds of books, statistical charts and market research reports.

The members of SMEI include more than 10,000 leaders and decision makers from over 30 countries. The summits are attended by the delegates from across the globe. The Marketing Times cites that SMEI conference is a "must-attend event for companies on the leading edge of sales and marketing innovation." Some of the top trainers like Barry Trailer, Willis Turner, Steven Covey, Lesley Everett, Harry Beckwith, Neil Rackham, Brian Tracy etc. have presented at the SMEI sessions.

About Champions Club

The luxury yachting & beach holiday experience

Champions Yacht Club & Champions Beach Club specializes in offering luxury boating and yachting experiences, water sports, guest home packages in Goa with a large fleet of Catamarans, Boats, Cruisers & Yachts. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni established the Champions Club in 2012 with the vision to provide a unique holiday experience. From corporate events, birthday parties, anniversary bashes, island excursions & barbeques, fishing expeditions to snorkeling and more, you are in for a total holiday expedition at the Champions Club. Subhakar (Stan) Rao personally ensures to add fun events at the Champions Beach Club and Luxury Memberships with Cruises to make one an all fall in love with the idea of a yacht and beach holiday.

Champions Entertainment

The Creative Conception...

Champions Entertainment was established by Subhakar (Stan) Rao Surapaneni in 2006. It provides services in various verticals such as event marketing & management, casting & talent management & other related services. Apart from Bangalore, Champions Entertainment is also located in 3 other metro cities in India. Mr. Rao has strengthened the organization by developing a wide network, increasing accessibility, adding value to client servicing and providing cost-effective services.

Champion homes

As a Philanthropist...

Subhakar Rao is a visionary, mentor and a champion leader to all employees. With an understanding of the importance of owning a "Home", he developed an initiative "Champions Homes". This venture was developed to provide homes to champion employees at subsidized rates. S Rao says that employees are the biggest asset and as a token of appreciation, he has offered attractive discounts for the employees who are more than one year in the organization. Champion Homes is located at one of the prime locations of the city; it is spacious, elegant and fully equipped for luxurious living.


The Dream Home for a True Champion...

What does it take to change the lives of poor and uneducated kids?

Money certainly is not enough!

As a philanthropist, Mr. Subhakar (Stan) Rao has made tremendous efforts over 12 years and created the "Champions Trust and Charitable Foundation" in Bangalore, India. It is an organization through which funds are raised for the education of the lesser privileged sections of society. Charitable activities through this organization focus mainly on children and senior citizens. Champions Trust takes care of the entire education process, appointing teachers, proposing economic incentives and regulatory efficiencies to accelerate scientific discovery.

As an Educationalist...

Subhakar (Stan) Rao established the Educational Foundation through which he invested in the QIS College of Engineering. After a decade, he co-founded the Champions Lifelong Learning Society through which he contributed for the improvement of the education system. This society is involved in donating computers and lending a helping hand to many schools, college, universities and educational institutions.

The Champions Lifelong Learning Society has helped over 100 educational institutes. The society has also worked on wide-range of programs like creating job opportunities for physically challenged, assisting children from low-income families, organizing worldwide youth programs on online communication techniques. Subhakar (Stan) Rao in order to encourage such initiatives, created the esteemed Educator Awards, which is given to honor teachers and principals from various schools and colleges who have offered dedicated service towards providing education.

As an Orator...

Mr.Subhakar Rao is a motivational orator and provides insightful perspectives based on his proficient experience. His extensive experience in the industry as well as personally translates to interesting presentations on themes such as leadership, sales, marketing and management. To know more click here...