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Meet Subhakar Rao Surapaneni, an innovator, mentor and successful business leader in the world of Marketing. Pursuing five professional passions of Sales & Marketing Education, Philanthropy, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Rao began with humble beginnings and has built his business empire based on his own efforts, ingenuity and professional acumen. He has received several professional accolades such as the title as one of the "100 Most Influential Global Sales & Marketing Technology Leaders", by the leading business news journal, The Marketing Times.

subhakar rao

With an excellent academic foundation, his interest to venture into entrepreneurship began early when studying for his Master Degree in Wayne State University. With consistent determination, perseverance and a 'never look back' attitude, Mr. Rao is now the CEO of "Champions Group". Click Here to know more about Subhakar Rao…

Gain an insight into Subhakar Rao's 6 mantras for Entrepreneurship.

Subhakar Rao is the chairman of SMEI, popularly known as 'The Think Tank' in India, that endeavors to develop a better accountable sales & marketing force, deal creation and enhanced job design.

Mr. Rao has also established 'Silpam', an organization that introduces innovative and luxurious products to India from across the world at affordable prices. Click Here to know more about Subhakar Rao…

Champions Entertainment founded by Subhakar Rao, is an organization which provides services in various verticals such as event marketing & management, casting & talent management & other related services.

Subhakar Rao made his dream come true through his Champion Homes venture. The venture is all about providing luxury homes to his employees at subsidized rates. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni besides being a prodigious entrepreneur is also a great philanthropist and for this reason, he founded the "Champions Trust and Charitable Foundation". Through this foundation, Mr. Rao focuses on sourcing funding for the lesser privileged population and their education.

S Rao established the Champions Lifelong Learning Society (link it to the site) through which he invested in the QIS College of Engineering. The Champions Lifelong Learning Society (link it to the site) has helped over 100 educational institutes.

Subhakar Rao and his partners created what today is a major part of the structure of Marketing Technology Outsourcing firms based on their innovations in the 1990's and early 2000's. These innovations - now taken for granted and followed by numerous marketing outsourcing outfits - powered job growth in India and are now helping grow firms around the world.